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Taught by renowned Australian Photographer, Brodie Butler

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I will teach you my secret sauce to making your subjects stand out so they pop off the page.  You will be able to create more interesting & impactful portraits that will make you more money!

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Tired of bland portraits that don't stand out?

I remember when my portraits were flat and lacked any kind of excitement. I would forever wonder how the photos in the magazines were so much better. I was missing something and I couldn't work out what it was. 

I never forget the eye opening moment I had when I started learning how to make my portraits pop. To be able to achieve that WOW factor.  To really impress my clients on the day and turn my portraits into magazine worthy masterpieces. Well that's what Im here to pass on to you. 

I never get tired of seeing the smiles of excitement on my clients faces every time they look at a picture on the back of a camera. 

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  • You struggle to get good results from your portraits.

  • You want to get better results in-Camera to impress clients!

  • You are missing that secret sauce to make your portraits pop

  • You have trouble separating your clients from busy or unflattering backgrounds

  • You don't know how to utilise lighting to your advantage

Just some of the images I create in this course...


In this course you are going to learn every single technique in-camera and in post production that can be used to create separation between your subject and your background.  

These techniques are the backbone to my style of photography and is the reason I get hired.

If you want to know how I do what I do, then this is the course that encapsulates it.  It gives you an insight into my process and what I look for when creating a portrait. 

You're going to learn how to make your portraits pop in every situation using natural light and artificial light.  

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Explore whats covered in the course...

Introduction: The fundamentals

Brodie explains all the fundamental concepts & techniques that you can use to create separation in your portraits, and ultimately make your subjects POP! 


8 Videos - 29 Minutes

Swimwear Shoot - Natural Light

We go on location to the beach and explore a number of natural light scenarios. You see me first hand put the techniques into practice on a live shoot.  

4 Videos - 14 Minutes

Swimwear Shoot - Using Flash

After we explore the natural light solutions, it's time to show you what we can do with flash! 

4 Videos - 31 Minutes

In the Studio 

In the studio we take full control and use artificial light to create some different scenarios. I use a variety of different modifiers and tools to demonstrate how to best separate your subject. 

11 Videos - 1.3hrs 

In the Studio - Additive Approach

Brodie starts simple with one light and slowly builds onto it adding more lights and demonstrating how each scenario can be used to further make your subjects stand out. 
Brodie also uses different modifiers along the way. 


In the Studio - Colour Contrasts & Smoke

After showing a number of different lighting setups, it's time to show the power that using smoke and coloured gels has on increasing the impact of your portraits!  


On Location  -  Fashion Shoot 

Brodie visits an amazing inner city bar location to shoot a series of fashion images of a model in 3 seperate dresses. 

Brodie uses artificial light to create separation and problem solves along the way. 

7 Videos - 1 Hour


On Location  -  Fashion Shoot 

Brodie uses both natural light and artificial light for the second half of this fashion shoot. 

2 Videos - 23 minutes


[BONUS]  - Fitness Shoot 

An outdoor demonstration out on location with and without the use of flash. Brodie uses a number of different lighting setups. 


Post Production  - Lightroom 

Brodie demonstrates the use of masks and other features within lightroom that can be used to increase the amount of separation of your portraits. 

3 Video - 43 Minutes


Post Production  - Photoshop 

Brodie demonstrates how you can use photoshop to enhance your portraits and looks at some  more advanced methods that can't be achieved in Lightroom. 

3 Videos - 34 Minutes

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Brodie is a commercial portrait photographer based in Perth, Western Australia who is well known for his use of light, specialising in off-camera flash. 

He spent a decade as an editorial automotive photographer published in magazines all over the world,  spent years as a cinematographer in the film industry, and became one of most reputable glamour/swimwear photographers in Australia.  

He was also the Director of the Media division and Head Photographer for the National Legends Football League in Australia. 

He has a real talent for making people look good and now specialises in portraits working with everyone from musicians to sports stars to swimwear models as well as every day people. 

Teaching has always been a passion and he has been running highly sought after photography workshops for over 10 years with his focus now shifting to more online education.

What others are saying...

I can't believe I didn't know about some of these techniques. I've already done a shoot since watching this course and my client was absolutely blown away.  I'm so excited, I can't wait for my next photoshoot! 

 Sarah Clarke 

I've attended workshops by Brodie before but there's so much information to remember. So it's so good to finally be able to watch at my own pace and rewatch them all later! I don't want to miss anything

Matthew Ridley

I am always eager to learn something new, then an opportunity presented itself when Brodie released his new course. Went through it at blazing speed, well organized, engaging, and filled with useful info. I find comfort in seeing actual shoots as if I were there without the pressure to make decisions and learning how it's done professionally."

 Stanley C.

This is a ridiculously good resource to add to your arsenal! Brodie's knowledge is unmatched and he articulates it in a way that's easy to understand and implement. Getting insight into how a professional works isn't always easy to come by, but Brodie manages to share exactly what you need to know and that's been a game changer for me. I feel more confident each time I step on set thanks to this! Seriously recommend!"

Danny O'Shea.


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