Take the mystery out of Lighting!


Lighting Secrets - eBook

Breaking down my lighting setups

Learn all my lighting secrets as I breakdown the lighting setups from over 30 images ranging from beginner to advanced.

Complete with behind the scenes photos, lighting diagrams, stories & explanations.

Unlock the mystery of how I do it and take your lighting to the next level!

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What's Inside?  

  • 100+ Pages of images and explanations.
  • 30 lighting setups from simple to advanced. 
  • Final photos, Behind the scenes photos and lighting diagrams.  
  • Exif data included on each photo
  • Explainations of the concepts and techniques used
  • Reasoning for why I lit it the way I did. 
  • Equipment listing for each image

I breakdown 30 of my images!

What Will you Learn?

  • What modifiers I use and why. 
  • How to make your subjects POP!
  • What modifiers work for different scenarios
  • How to separate a subject from the background in a number of different ways
  • Find inspiration and ideas to apply to your own photography!
  • Learn lighting techniques for different situations
  • Learn all the types of lights and how I use them (main, fill, backlight, rimlight etc)
  • & more